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Part Two

Some examples
you can use when
applying for a job


COVERING LETTER # 4: Speculative Application

Dr. Mario Bermington,
General Zoo Manager,
The New York Zoological Garden,
1433, America Avenue, New York, 19503

Dear Doctor Bermington,

Nature Reserve Warden

I am writing to enquire whether there are any vacancies for Zoo Wardens in the New York City Zoological Garden.  I have recently graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences with Biology.

As you will see from my enclosed CV I have been active in the field of conservation for many years now, working for Nature Society Leadership in the local members’ group, of which I am currently Chairperson.  I have extensive knowledge of the Society and have close contact with local staff.

My present job, as Visitor Centre Manager for the Conservation and Biology Museum of New Jersey, gives me up-to-date knowledge of conservation issues and contact with people who are interested in natural history.  I have acquired skills in organisation, budgeting, supervision of staff and site management, all of which are relevant to the above position.

Studying part-time, while working full-time, required enthusiasm, energy and motivation over six years, and I feel that this provides sufficient evidence of my commitment to a post involving conservation.

I am able to take up a position, but if there are no vacancies at present I would be very happy to be considered for any short term contracts as a summer warden on your reservation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Stamford

COVERING LETTER # 5: Application for a known vacancy

Mr. Anthony Fovakis
Graduate Recruitment Manager
Major Software Ltd.
Watering Falls, Washington DC, 13258

Dear Mr. Fovakis,

Vacation Work

I am currently in my first year at Hamton University studying for a degree in computation and I am writing to see whether you have any vacation opportunities for next summer. I am particularly interested in gaining experience of systems programming although I will happily consider other areas within your organisation.

A position with Major Software attracts me as I have long term aspirations towards a career within the customer service sector and Major Software has an outstanding reputation for flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs of customers. 

As you can see from my enclosed CV, I have a broad based knowledge of computation and my part-time experiences as a data input clerk have enabled me to put my knowledge into the context of working environments. My aim is to now build on these experiences.

I am hard-working and as a result of my data input position I have well developed communication skills. My project work during this year at Hamton University has also sharpened my customer focus, required me to work to tight deadlines and developed my problem solving skills.

I am available from the beginning of July and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Davis Waves

Source: Orly Borges

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